from overwhelmed to organized

Ditch the stress and ENJOY being in your classroom

Tired of spending so much time looking for something you can’t seem to find? Frustrated by all the STUFF that is cluttering up your cabinets and shelves? 

This one hour workshop will teach you the must-haves for getting your classroom organized + help you create your own organization plans. 

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You know that feeling...

The one where you are doing all.the.things but nothing is ever 100% done

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Yeah! Say goodbye to that FEELING and hello to this:

KNOWING exactly where to find things in your classroom!

ORGANIZING your classroom in a way that makes sense for YOU! (not Instagram!)

MAINTAINING classroom organization throughout the school year!

SPENDING less time at school and more time with those you love

Kelly sitting at a table writing.

Hi! I'm Kelly

I know how busy teaching is. It seems like everyday administrators are giving your one more thing to do. The majority of your time is spent teaching your kids, filling out paperwork, sitting in meetings, or grading papers. 

How can you even find time to GET organized with so much on your plate?

imagine a world where...

You walk into your classroom on a Monday morning…

Everything is where it should be! You find your lesson plans for the day and get all your materials out and ready. 

You *mostly* breeze through the day (ya know, there’s a fire drill and a student decides to run out of your class after lunch…like I said, mostly a breeze!). 

The day ends and you run through your after school routine. 

You leave school on time (LOL WHAT?!? YES!) and head home to spend time with your family, no papers in tow! 

Teach in an organized classroom

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Inside the Classroom Organization Master Class:

Plus, this week only!

Choose Your FREE Bonus Item

6 Steps to Organize Your Desk Guide

Step-by-step guide to cleaning off, sorting through, and organizing your classroom desk, small group table, or any flat surface in your classroom (or home, for that matter!) ($17.00 value)

Classroom Organization Guidebook

Tips, pictures, and strategies to organize over 20 areas in your classroom. Plus, checklists and recommended products to help you organize each area! ($25 value)

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does your classroom feel messy and disorganized?

A group of items on a table

What if you could organize it (and keep it that way)?!?

This training is for you, busy teacher! 

In under an hour you’ll learn the strategies you need to transform your classroom from the messy and disorganized place it is right now to the safe, welcoming, and clutter free space you know is best for you and your students.

You’ll learn the things you need to know to GET organized and also the routines you need to STAY organized! 

Grab a cup of coffee, a comfy chair, and let’s walk through the steps you need to create the classroom you’ve been dreaming of

Cabinets and cubbies inside a classroom.

Organizing your classroom doesn't need to be complicated!

You, too, can transform your classroom with just a little bit of guidance!



Collage of classroom photos after organizing

“Since Kelly started working with me, my organizational skills in my classroom have improved 100%.  I have a space for my lesson materials for each day of the week, organized by subject. I have completely reorganized my closets per Kelly’s advice and now I can find things without spending several minutes looking for what I need. My teaching has greatly improved because everything has a place and now I spend more time teaching than stressing because I can’t find something. My next organization to do is to re-organize my library the Kelly way making it easier for my students to find and manage our library books. Thanks Kelly!!!!”


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this training only for new teachers? Nope! This training is for any teacher who feels like their classroom could use some organization, love, and care. Beginning teachers and veteran teachers can all benefit from this training. 

What grade level is this for? My experience is in elementary so many of the things I talk about are geared towards that group of teachers. However, many of the tips in this training can be used for high school or even SPED teachers.  

Do I have to spend more money on buying materials to actually organize my classroom? That’s totally up to you. Teacher’s spend a lot of money on their classrooms and I’ll always advocate for ways to spend less. Which means I share affordable (or free!) ways you can organize your classroom. 

How long does the training take? The training itself is less than 45 minutes. However, you can take as much (or as little) time as you need. 

Is this only for teachers at the beginning of the year? No! Sure, the beginning of the year is the most ideal time to get organized, but anytime is a great time to get your class in better order! Plus, if you add on the email coaching, you will get 1:1 support directly tied to things going on in your classroom right now! 

What happens if I don’t like the training? Well, I’d be bummed! I’m confident the information is this training will help you get organized. But, if for some reason the training isn’t what you expected send me an email.  

are you ready to create your organized classroom?

You became a teacher to spend time with the students, right? Get the prep time OFF your plate with these quick & easy strategies you can start implementing today

are you ready to create your organized classroom?

You became a teacher to spend time with the students, right? Get the prep time OFF your plate with these quick & easy strategies you can start implementing today

"You described me perfectly! Going round and round in my classroom, never knowing what was up or down or where anything was… You are so calm, and yet so certain that I can learn to be organized. And you make me feel confident that is it possible!"
1st Grade Teacher
“Oh my gosh, today using your tips 🙂 I started the grand task of organizing my cabinets. I just put in three hours and I’m almost done the huge task! I came in with a plan and I feel calm and proud of the accomplishment. It was actually very satisfying seeing what I had and seeing what I don’t use. Thank you for the tips and encouragement off your blog!”
Classroom Teacher
I tend to get lost in lots of creative ideas and not often get to the details of organizing my life so I have found all the resources extremely helpful. Writing down my daily routine, for example, made me realize I already have a pretty good routine but can fine tune this to be more effective when teaching from home. Also, I noticed that with your help, I was finally able to go through my inbox and organize all those emails. Last, your course helped me realize I'm not alone in feeling overwhelmed and that there are people who can help.
1st Grade Teacher

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