an organized classroom is possible!

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what if you could?

Leave school at a decent time without taking working home?

Manage student behavior with positive reinforcement?

Create an organized AND well managed classroom?

And maintain organization throughout the school year?

classroom organization doesn't have to be hard

Sure, organizing a classroom takes time and you have to know what you are doing so you don’t waste all your time. But it doesn’t have to be hard. 

Classroom Organization is more than just a pretty classroom. It’s your routines, management, and flow all seamlessly blended together. Once you get your routines and systems in place, your classroom organization is DONE! All that’s left is staying consistent with practicing all the systems you put in place. 

Yes. It’s really that simple! 

Learn how to...

“Since Kelly started working with me, my organizational skills in my classroom have improved 100%. I have a space for my lesson materials for each day of the week, organized by subject. I have completely reorganized my closets per Kelly’s advice and now I can find things without spending several minutes looking for what I need. My teaching has greatly improved because everything has a place and now I spend more time teaching than stressing because I can’t find something. My next organization to do is to re-organize my library the Kelly way making it easier for my students to find and manage our library books. Thanks Kelly!!!!”


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