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Since we don't know what so much of this school year will look like, a detailed plan is crucial for surviving (and even thriving!) in the unknown of the 20-21 school year.

The Organized Teacher Framework Workbook will guide you

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What if you could...

Walk into your classroom with a plan, a guidebook, that tells you exactly how to set things up Imagine how much more time you will have at the beginning of the school year when you know exactly what your classroom management plans will look like and what you need to have displayed in your classroom to implement that. 

Can you picture the freedom you will have this year after laying out your time management plans ahead of time in a way that allows you to prioritize your family and your joy?

And, most importantly, what if you could feel prepared for this school year despite the unsureness of it all? Back to School 2020 is sure to be a mess, that’s why plans, intention, and organization are so important.

struggling to get organized for this school year?

Classroom organization is more than just a pretty classroom. It's your routines, systems, and management all seamlessly blended together. If you are missing any of those key pieces, your classroom organization will struggle. That's why it is key to take time to plan out your time management, classroom management, and classroom organization plans in advance.

Here's what you'll get

A workbook to guide you as you think through and plan for your time management, classroom management, and classroom organization for this school year. Once you complete the workbook, you will be able to walk into your classroom confident and prepared to create an organized classroom. 

“Thank you so much for your amazing resource!!! I am a first-year teacher and have always struggled with staying organized and focused. When you mentioned how some teachers wander around the classroom at the end of the day, that’s me, my mind goes blank! After hearing that I felt so reassured that there was hope for me too. After your training, I felt very confident  with having a brain dump list for all my to-dos. Today I sat down and created all my routines. I really appreciate all your support and how you were able to simplify such an overwhelming and stressful issue for me. I am still a little stressed, everything did not change overnight, but I have made so much progress already! 

Sarah | Classroom Teacher

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start your year off organized

By taking time now to write out your plans for the school year, you are setting yourself up for success and will save so much time when it comes to setting up your classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for new teachers?
Nope! In fact, most of the teachers who have already purchased the workbook are not new teachers. The framework is applicable to any teacher who wants to create an organized classroom. If you want to avoid the “I’m still missing things in November” or the “OMG I’m so overwhelmed feeling” then this is for you- no matter your level of experience!

What grade level is this for?
My experience is in elementary so many of the things I talk about are geared towards that group of teachers. However, middle and high school teachers who have purchased the workbook have found it super helpful in creating their plan. 

What’s the price and what is included?
The workbook is $39 when paid in full. You can also do a 3 month payment plan at $15 a month if that is better for you! Included in the workbook are 40+ pages of questions, charts, and additional resources to help you plan your year. 

What happens if I don’t like the workbook?
Due to the digital nature of the workbook and materials inside, the workbook is not refundable. But! I am confident ou will like it and find it super helpful, so I’m not too worried 😉

Is this useful right now? In the middle of a Global Pandemic? YES! Teaching probably looks a little bit different for you right now. That’s why it’s crucial that you put time and energy into creating a plan for your upcoming year. The Framework will walk you through all the things you need to make sure to have in your plan for the new school year (physical or virtual!).

How long will it take me to complete the workbook?
Well… that’s a loaded question, hah! But, if you take time to read each and every word, watch each and every video, and listen to all the podcasts, I would imagine you could have this workbook knocked out in about 8 hours. But, if you just want to focus on getting your plans in place and consuming only the additional resources you need, I’d say about 3-4 hours. 

I joined [The Organized Teacher Framework course] and I love the information so far. I am entering the unknown this school year, but have control over what I can control, and that’s what matters…Also, as a middle school elective teacher going through the course, I find it helpful!  

Jamie | Middle School Teacher

start the year confident and organized

Hi! I'm Kelly

I am a former teacher of littles turned Classroom Organization Coach. I help busy and overwhelmed teachers create organized, safe, and well-managed classrooms that facilitate effective learning for their students and more time for themselves.

I am a Texas girl living in Germany, running The Simply Organized Teacher, and hosting the Simply Teach podcast! Outside of all things organization, I like to hang out with my pups, Milo and Scout, travel to beautiful places, and take photos all along the way! 🙂