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    Looking to plan for the first day of school? Here are must haves in your first week lesson plans

    ​You’re a brand new teacher- so excited for your very first year in the classroom! You also feel completely overwhelmed with where to begin, what’s most important, and what you can be doing right now to get ready for the school year.

    I’m here to help! My first year of teaching was better than most because of an amazing masters program I was in. I had professors, mentors, and colleagues there with me the entire way sharing ideas, telling me what to do and when, and comforting *most* of my fears. (They didn’t make the first day of school nightmares go away- I think those just come with the job!)

    I want to do that for you! Let me share what I’ve learned in my years of teaching in relation to classroom organization and management. I’m here to tell you what to prioritize and what to let go of. ​​

    My Hope for You
    My Hope for this Course

    Be the best teacher you can be this year by creating well thought out behavior management plans, implementing classroom organization strategies, and planning for a successful first day of school!


    Are you the teacher that walks into her classroom at the beginning of a new year and feels completely overwhelmed so instead of focusing on one thing and doing it well, you jump from task to task without any kind of plan?

    Do you see all the pictures on Instagram or talk to your teacher friends who seem to have their classroom plan together and ready to go and you’re sitting over there thinking “what do I do first?!?” ?

    What about the experienced teacher who knows what to do but somehow, each year, it’s November and your ​still ​missing crucial parts of your classroom?

    ​There are SO many things to do at the start of a new school year!


    Kickstart Your School Year: A Teacher’s Guide to Organizing and Planning for the New School Year

    • Lifetime access to the course and all materials
    • Videos Teachings on Self Care, Management, Organization, and First Day teachings
    • Downloadable Workbook
    • Downloadable Resources and PDF documents to go along with topics taught
    • + Extra Bonus Items! (Sub Planning Guide, Paper Organization Workflow, and Classroom Organization Guidebook)

    Since Kelly started working with me, my organizational skills in my classroom have improved 100%. I have a space for my lesson materials for each day of the week, organized by subject. I have completely reorganized my closets per Kelly’s advice and now I can find things without spending several minutes looking for what I need. My teaching has greatly improved because everything has a place and now I spend more time teaching than stressing because I can’t find something. My next organization to do is to re-organize my library the Kelly way making it easier for my students to find and manage our library books. Thanks Kelly!!!!

    Teresa | 2nd Grade Teacher

    Resources Included:

    •  Unit Planning & Year at a Glance Format (Google Doc)
    • To Do List Templates
    • Menu Board for behavior students
    • Ways to Calm Students Ebook
    • Individual Behavior Plan for behavior students
    • 6 Steps to Setting Up a Classroom 
    • Math Station Group Template
    • Guided Reading and Math Lesson Plan Format
    • Scavenger Hunt for the first day 
    • Team Builder and Class Builder ideas
    • First Day Lesson Plan Format
    • Parent Info Form 

    Are You Ready to Kickstart Your School Year?

    Are you ready to have a clear plan with actionable steps for setting up your classroom?

    Do you want detailed plans and a guide with detailed plans and expectations for the new school year?.

    Join me!


    Bonus 1: Sub Planning Guide with video teaching eon organizing and planning for a sub + sub plan and emergency plan template ($8.00 value, yours FREE!)

    Bonus 2: Paper Organization Guide This downloadable PDF teaches how to organize your student’s papers ($2.00 value, yours FREE!)

    Bonus 3: Classroom Organization Guide walks you through different areas of the classroom with pictures, directions, and ideas for organizing effectively ($15.00 value, yours FREE!)

    **will be uploaded to course by July 8, 2019! so until then, course is selling for $67.00 (normally $97.00!!!)**

    This is for you if...

    • You are a First Year Teacher totally lost, overwhelmed, and unsure of where to begin.
    • You're a teacher who struggles with setting up organization routines and maintaining them throughout the year
    • You find yourself bouncing from place to place without accomplishing anything on your to do list
    • You want a smooth start to the new school year

    This is not for you if...

    • You feel experienced and prepared in setting up your classroom at the new school year
    • Classroom Organization and Management are your JAM and you are rockin' it!
    • You'd prefer to walk into your classroom at the new year and figure it out as you go

    Hi! I'm kelly!

    I spent six years in an elementary classroom and I have felt all the feels of a new school year- excitement, angst, joy, frustration, hopeful, stressed, passion, worry, and so many more! 

    Now I support teachers on Classroom Organization and Management techniques, podcast, blog, and all the online things.

    Outside of this gig I am a wife, a mom to two fur babies, a coffee and margarita lover, a Texas gal living in Germany who loves to read and Netflix binge!

    Create a plan for the new school year

    This course is designed to support teachers starting a new year. You will have clear, actionable steps for setting up and organizing your classroom as well as a detailed plan for managing students and starting your school year

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this course only for first year teachers? While I designed this course with FYT in mind, it is most certainly applicable to any teacher who wants an organized start to the new year! If you want to avoid the “I’m still missing things in November” or the “OMG I’m so overwhelmed feeling” then this course is for you- no matter your level of experience!

    How do I consume the content?
    All you have to do is purchase and then you will be forwarded to the course page and you can complete it all there! It is up to you if you want to do it all in one sitting or stretch it out over a few days. 

    What happens if I don’t like the course? Well, I am confident that this course will guide you along as you plan for the school year. Unfortunately, I cannot issue a refund, but shoot me an email and let me know what’s going on! 🙂 

    Is this only useful for the beginning of the year?
    NO! Yes, the format and flow of the course will help you in setting up for the new year but all of the content in the course is helpful for all aspects of the classroom during anytime of the year! 

    What grade level teacher is this course for?
    My experience is in elementary so some of the things I talk about in the course are geared towards younger kiddos (mainly management and first day plans) but the rest of the content should be useable for teachers of all grade levels

    What’s the price and what’s included? The course is a one time payment of $97 (or two payments of $57, click HERE for that option!) Included are 4 modules with video teaching (over 3+ hours of teaching) as well as resources from a real teacher’s classroom, and the bonus items (listed above.)!

    Looking for a payment Plan?

    I got you! Get the course for two payments

    I am LOVING your podcast soo much! I have been listening religiously and taking notes since this year I will have a classroom of my own! Thanks for all you do for us teachers

    Courtney | @love.lashes.literacy

    Join me as we plan for your new school year!

    Resources While You Wait!

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