The Simply Organized Classroom ebook

Your Guide to Classroom Organization & Management

You feel overwhelmed and stressed with all that is on your plate.

You want to organize your classroom, but when?

You’re a first year teacher and have no idea where to even start!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Let’s be real…teaching is hard work and we have so many things expected of us each and every day. Students with minor behavior issues quickly become distractions to the whole classroom. 

What if you could...

What if you could get answers to your organization questions? What if you could figure out how to establish management plans that actually worked with your students. 

I would love to sit down over a cup of coffee (or wine!) and talk “shop” with you…but that isn’t always possible. That is why I have created The Simply Organized Classroom Ebook. This is EVERYTHING I would try to tell you during our coffee date to encourage and motivate you. 

Here's what you'll get

This ebook comes with 7 chapters and a workbook all related to being an effective teacher. 

Text overlay: "What you get:""-classroom lay out and aesthetics- organization tips- classroom management plans- establishing routines-time management techniques-tips for first year teachers-school dynamicsworkbook resource"

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Since Kelly started working with me, my organizational skills in my classroom have improved 100%.  I have a space for my lesson materials for each day of the week, organized by subject.  I have completely reorganized my closets per Kelly’s advice and now I can find things without spending several minutes looking for what I need. My teaching has greatly improved because everything has a place and now I spend more time teaching than stressing because I can’t find something. My next organization to do is to re-organize my library the Kelly way making it easier for my students to find and manage our library books. Thanks Kelly!!!!

Teresa | 2nd Grade Teacher

This is for you if...

A woman standing in front of a brick wall

Hi! i'm kelly

I have spent the past six years in an elementary classroom and I have felt all the feels of a new school year- excitement, angst, joy, frustration, hopeful, stressed, passion, worry, and so many more! 

I have spent the last two years supporting and coaching classroom teachers on Classroom Organization and Management techniques because they are like…my favorite thing to talk about! 

Outside of teaching and coaching, I am a wife, a mom to two fur babies, a coffee and margarita lover, a Texas gal living in Germany, reading, and lots of Netflix binging! 

Grab your copy of the simply organized classroom ebook

Ready to purchase your copy for only $12.00?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Simply Organized Classroom ebook on an ipad.

Who is this for? What if I am not a First Year Teacher?
No worries! This ebook is for any teacher looking to add calm to the crazy in their classroom! 

When is this available?
The ebook is available (and newly updated!) at all times and will be sent to your email as soon as you purchase.

Is this refundable?
Due to the online nature of this ebook, no refunds will be made available. 


I am LOVING your podcast soo much! I have been listening religiously and taking notes since this year I will have a classroom of my own! Thanks for all you do for us teachers

Courtney | @love.lashes.literacy

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