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transform your classroom
transform your teaching

Have you ever thought “if I could just get this [insert disorganized area of your classroom here] organized, then I could spend so much more time on planning and preparing engaging lessons for my kids?” 

If you could just transform your classroom to be the organized space you need, imagine how you could transform your teaching. 

 As much as we’d like to wave or Harry Potter Magic Wands and “Accio” our organized classroom into life, it just doesn’t work like that. 

But, The Organized Teacher Membership can help make that organizing process just a little bit easier. 

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You've probably struggled with...

A messy classroom that lasts all year long, despite all your attempts to organize it

The steps you need to create an environment that has students engaged and working

A decision to eat, finish grades, or make copies during your lunch period (But, I bet you did all three…)

Staying consistent with routines and management plans with your students


“New teachers leave at greater rates than others in the preretirement period. National estimates have suggested that new teachers leave at rates of somewhere between 19% and 30% over their first five years of teaching.”

-Learning Policy Institute

don't be part of that statistic

be the teacher you envision yourself to be

You knew teaching was going to be hard. But…this hard?!? I had no idea and I’m guessing you probably didn’t either. I thought I would be just like my Cooperating Teacher who left every day at 4:00 and didn’t take work home with her. LOL was I wrong!?!? 

Once I finally figured out the routines and structures I needed to have in place to be that teacher, teaching became a whole lot easier! 

The organized teacher membership

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what you can expect

upcoming topics

*these are subject to change

July– How to Implement Classroom Management Plans 

August– Get Ready for Meet the Teacher Night

September– Preparing for Parent Conferences

October– Behavior Management Refresh

November– Paper Organization Strategies


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Important question! The membership cost is $17 a month. That gets you access to trainings, resources, community, and Q&A time…All for less than the price of one Starbucks latte each week ;)!

What is the time commitment for the materials?
The trainings are usually anywhere from 10-30 minutes. The resource guides go along with the topic of the month and can be worked on at your own pace. 

Is this for new or experienced teachers?
Both! It’s always important to be perfecting our craft as educators and this group will help you do just that. So, a first-year teacher will get a ton out of the group but so will a teacher who has been in the profession for a few years.  

How long will I have access to the trainings?
You get access to all the trainings, resources, and Facebook group for the entirety of your time inside the membership. Any resources you download while in the membership will be yours to keep if you choose to leave. 

Can I cancel my membership if something changes?
Of course! You pay each month and have the option to stay in as long as you’d like. This also means you are free to cancel your membership if you need to. You will have access to the content until your payment cycle is up. 

Is this for High School or Elementary teachers?
All my experience is in the elementary classroom. So the majority of advice I share will be from that lens. However, I am happy to bring on High School educators to lead trainings if the group wants that! 

are you ready to improve your classroom organization?

Classroom Organization is more than just a pretty classroom. It’s your systems, routines, and management all seamlessly blended together. The Organized Teacher Membership will guide you as you work to implement all of those things into your organized classroom! 

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