teaching from home doesn't have to be a disaster!

Go from a disorganized and overwhelmed classroom teacher to confident and prepared online educator with this free mini-course

in this free mini course you get:

  • Strategies, tips, and ideas to help you organize and structure your day efficiently
  • Practical steps you can take to organize 5 different areas of your classroom (from home!)
  • Ideas and directions for organizing your online teaching materials
  • Tutorial videos to help you work through different parts of the mini-course
  • Useful ways to help you stay organized while working from home

Take a look inside

Module 1

  • Creating a Structure with a Schedule
  • Creating Structure with Routines
  • How to Create Intentional To-Do Lists
  • Meal Planning

Module 2

  • Lesson Planning
  • How to Organize Your Google Drive
  • Online Teaching Tips
  • Create a Class Resource Document

Module 3

  • Email Organization
  • Cleaning up Computer Files
  • Create a Year at a Glance
  • Improve Your Behavior Management
  • Edit Your Lesson Plans

Module 4

  • Help Your Students Thrive- Even in Distance Learning
  • Social Emotional Learning: How to Teach it Remotely
  • Classroom Organization Mini-Training
“I have finally found some time to do your course on Working from Home and it is great! So much content (of great quality) and advice, and for free! You are super generous! Thanks a lot!”