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when do you actually have time to get organized?

A u-table set up with bookshelves and materials behind the desk.

Right?!?! Like…you have SO much on your plate as a teacher, that finding time to actually get organized seems almost impossible. Plus, all the time with trial and error trying to figure out how best to set up things in your classroom. It’s a lot! 


classroom organization doesn't have to be hard

Here’s the thing… Classroom Organization is more than just a pretty classroom with colorful baskets and the Instagram worthy classroom library. That’s not real life! Classroom Organization is your flow, routines, and management all seamlessly blended together to create a safe and welcoming space for your students. (And you, too!)

 In The Simply Organized Classroom ebook, you’ll learn the things you NEED to know to get your classroom organization in place so that you can stop stressing over a messy classroom and focus on what really matters…educating your students. 

the simply organized classroom ebook

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Hi! I'm kelly!

I spent six years in the elementary classroom.That’s six years of loving, leading, and teaching my kiddos. (And lots of organizing, too!)

Now I support overwhelmed and busy teachers (that’s you!) get their classrooms organized through my blog, podcast, and all the online things.

Outside of this gig I am a wife, a mom to two fur babies, a coffee and margarita lover, a Texas gal living in Germany who loves to read and Netflix binge!

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A really good ebook to help with classroom organization. I love all of the pictures and links to materials. Thanks!


A cluttered desk with papers, books, hand sanitizer, and student work.
A u-table set up with bookshelves and materials behind the desk.
A cluttered desk with papers, books, hand sanitizer, and student work.
A classroom with student desks, a red easel, white board, and black comfy chair in corner.

Ready to transform your classroom from a messy, cluttered space to one that feels safe and welcoming? The Simply Organized Classroom ebook will walk you through the steps you need to take to get the necessary routines in place to create the organized classroom you want so badly!

don't let your classroom fall to the back burner

Your students NEED an organized classroom to feel safe in. A space that allows them to learn without clutter or overwhelming stimulus all over the place. You can create that space with the tips learned in The Simply Organized Classroom Ebook. 

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