get your classroom organized while at home

Believe it or not, this crazy WILL end. And then you’ll have a new crazy to handle…getting your classroom functioning again. Use this time at home to do a few simple things to organize your classroom from home.

organize your classroom from home

iPad mock-up of the 5 Day Organize Your Classroom from Home Challenge
"Well I can finally get up off my butt to do other chores after spending more than 15 hours 😓looking at this computer screen and drinking tea while cleaning through my emails. There is now just over 3,000 🤯 emails in my deleted folder waiting to disappear in 30 days. Putting emails from subscriptions into folders to look at later is not very helpful and I had emails from 2013 when I first started teaching hiding in folders and parent emails from 2016! 😵 Now I feel that I have a better handle on my email organization and ready again for distance learning next week. Thank you for kickstarted this @thesimplyorganizedteacher!"
Louise Roberts

organize your classroom now!