ready-to-go sub plans in half an hour or less!

Learn how to make sub plans in less than thirty minutes with this training and sub plans template any teacher can use in their classroom. 

For less than $20 (and 20 minutes!) you can learn how to...

Save time when writing and developing sub plans

Be prepared for a last minute day off with emergency plans 

Create plans that are helpful but not overwhelming (knowing your sub might not get to all the activities prepared)

Take time off without feeling guilty for leaving your students with a sub

What was it like the last time you took off work? Maybe your child was sick, you were sick, or you just wanted a mental health day. Was it a hassle? Probably chaotic trying to get all your stuff ready for the sub on top of all the other stuff you had to get done?

Maybe you just decided against taking a personal (or even sick) day because you know the saying… “As a teacher, it’s more work to take the day off than just to go into school.”

That’s not how it should be! We are professionals and we should be able to take a day off without creating more work for ourselves.


create a sub plan work flow that takes minutes instead of hours

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True story

I had a sub for the day so our team could do unit planning on campus. 

I popped into my classroom to grab something I forgot. When I walked in I saw the substitute sitting at my desk, legs propped up, kids playing and free drawing, while she was scrolling her phone. 


I spent all that time creating plans and they weren’t even being used? What a waste of my time! Luckily, I learned quickly the fine balance of writing sub plans that were beneficial for my students without sacrificing my time to craft perfect lessons while I was out. 

Inside Sub Planning Made Simple, I teach you this workflow so you can take time off work without stressing and spending hours creating sub plans. 

Sub PLanning made simple

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“I can’t thank you enough for not only taking the time to speak with me but for also sending me these thorough notes and pictures! I truly walked away from our conversation feeling more settled and I love having the notes and pictures to look back on.” 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included inside the course?
Inside the course is a 15 minute training covering how to plan for a sub, what to include in your plans, how to prepare your students for you being out, last minute sub plan ideas, and what to do when returning after a sub was in your classroom. Plus, a downloadable and editable template for you to create your own plans.  

How do I get access to the course?
All you have to do is enroll below and you’ll get an email with access info. You have lifetime access to the course and materials. 

How long will this process take me?
The course itself? Less than 20 minutes. The sub planning process? Maybe 30 minutes your first time through. After getting my template created for the year, sub plans took me less than 10 minutes. All I had to do was “plug and play.”

Materials for a substitute teacher laying on the table with three days of lesson plans.

Ready to create sub plans in wayyyy less time and wayyyy better quality?

Let’s do this! 

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