Free Workshop with the Simply Organized Teacher

create intentional Teacher
to-do lists

Learn the process you can use to organize, manage, and complete the items on your to-do lists + get the free Teacher To-Do Lists straight to your inbox

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    Here's what you'll learn In this Free workshop:

    • Tools you need to set up a To-Do List Prep Session each week
    • How intentional To-Do Lists help you make better use of your time
    • Step by step process of preparing To-Do Lists for each week
    • Additional resources to help you make better use of your time

    I see you, busy teacher! I know how stressed and overwhelemd you are. I’ve been there! And while I am not currently in the classroom, I do struggle with all the things on my never-ending to-do list. JUST LIKE YOU!

    Join me for this free live workshop, where we will chat all about Teacher To-Do Lists and how you can make the most out of your to-do list each day. 

    get the lists + training now!

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